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ADATA presents the new-generation, dual standard connector UC350 Flash drive, which brings you major steps forward in data convenience and performance. It's USB 3.2 for the fastest transmission speeds, and even better, we've built it with both a regular USB connector and a reversible USB Type-C plug for instant connections minus the guesswork. The UC350 works with MacBooks, PCs and Android devices for true universal access.


• USB Type-C makes life simpler

With Type-C, USB is even easier to use than before. We've all experienced flipping traditional USB connectors around to figure out which side is up and which is down. With USB Type-C, the connector is reversible, so that's a thing of the past. Whichever device you connect the UC350 to, it's so simple you don't even have to look at it.

• The U stands for universal

Greater universality is indeed the biggest benefit of USB Type-C, and the super compact and ultra-light UC350 works with diverse devices. Move files, photos, videos, and any other content between Mac OS, Windows PCs and Android devices with utmost convenience and fluidity.

• Rev up your data with the fastest speeds

The UC350 pushes out truly impressive performance figures thanks to USB 3.2 implementation. Up to 100MB/s read and 30MB/s write, which is approx. twice the performance of USB 3.0. You could literally transfer an entire 50GB Blu-ray in around 40 seconds while keeping complete compatibility with USB 2.0/USB 3.0. The UC350 combines the convenience of Type-C with the speeds of USB 3.2 Gen 1 : a winning combo.

• Instantly access more capacity

Sure, it's wonderful that devices from ultrabooks to smartphones are getting thinner and lighter, but that often comes at the expense of built-in storage. Need more room? Well, the UC350 just so happens to have up to 16GB of space to give you the experience and enjoyment expansion you need, when you want it.

• A marvel of dual-purpose engineering

We talked about the UC350 having a Type-C connector, but ADATA designers made sure the tiny drive offered total usability with a dual connector. By default, the UC350 ends in a standard Type-A USB plug, but with one gentle push transforms into Type-C. Alternate between the two with one touch - no need to purchase multiple Flash drives, so you get maximum utility for all of your content.

• Great specs and attractive looks for any occasion

While compact, the UC350 goes big on style and fashion savvy with a subtle yet elegant color scheme that's a nice match for pretty much any device out there. It's durable and made for reliable operation on the road, whether for business, pleasure, or any combination. The UC350 is very presentable for your business engagements just as it's fun for your social gatherings and travels. Wherever you roam, it makes the latest technology look good.
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